13023 Leadership in Organizations

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration / Organizational Behavior in Management or in Democracy Studies / Government and Public Policy or in Educational Administration, Policy and Leadership

Prerequisite for the MBA: Admission to the graduate program in Business Administration

Prerequisites for Democracy Studies: Democracy: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Israeli Democracy: Selected Issues, Contemporary Democratic Theories, Selected Topics in Public Policy; and either Management and Organizational Behavior or Organizational Behavior

Prerequisites for Educational Administration: Research Methods in Education, Theories of Learning and Instruction, Economic Aspects of the Education System, either Evaluation in Education: Theory and Practice or Technology and Learning, and either Management and Organizational Behavior or Organizational Behavior

The course is based on a collection of English articles and a reading guide edited by Ronit Bogler, Varda Wasserman and Orly Tenne-Gazit.

Objectives: Exposing students to the recent theoretical developments in the field of leadership, analyzing the phenomenon of leadership in a variety of analytical perspectives (e.g, the leader's personality and/or behavior; his/her relationship with followers; contextual conditions for the growth of effective leadership; leadership in the contemporary era; ethical aspects of leadership); and lastly, assessing the empirical and critical aspects of leadership and management.

Topics: The leader (traits and leadership styles); the interrelations between leaders and followers; the organizational context of leadership; diversity management; ethics and leadership and leadership in the 21th century.