13006 Information Systems Policy

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Business Administration / Quantitative Methods and Information Systems or in Democracy Studies / Government and Public Policy or in Educational Administration, Policy and Leadership

Prerequisite for the MBA: Admission to the graduate program in Business Administration

Prerequisites for Democracy Studies: Democracy: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Israeli Democracy: Selected Issues, Contemporary Democratic Theories, Selected Topics in Public Policy; either Introduction to Microeconomics or The Political Economy of Israel, and either Management and Organizational Behavior or Organizational Behavior

Prerequisites for Educational Administration: Research Methods in Education, Theories of Learning and Instruction, Economic Aspects of the Education System, either Evaluation in Education: Theory and Practice or Technology and Learning, and either Management and Organizational Behavior or Organizational Behavior

Author: Seev Neumann

Objectives: To provide tools for effective application of competitive information systems and present ways to integrate them into the organization in order to best support the implementation of organizational competitive business strategy and the realization of the organizationís business goals.

Topics: What are strategic information systems?; Adapting types of information systems to the various needs of organizational levels; The effect of information systems on industrial sectors, organizations and strategies; Achieving a competitive advantage through information systems and conditions for maintaining this advantage; Interdependence between information systems, organizational structures and internal processes; Organizational requirements for introducing strategic information systems; The integration of information systems, the effect of information technologies on business alliances, global information systems; information system planning and control, risks; Outsourcing versus insourcing; Identifying opportunities for strategic information systems; Taking advantage of new technologies.