10914 Honors Research Seminar in Psychology 1

Credits: 6 advanced credits in Psychology

Prerequisites: 36 credits, including Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Statistics for Students of Social Sciences I, Introduction to Statistics for Students of Social Sciences II, Research Methods in Social Sciences: Guiding Principles and Research Styles and Research Experience, Regression Analysis and Analysis of Variance, and one of the following: Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology. Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library. Only outstanding students who are invited to take the seminar may enroll.

The seminar is conducted by a member of the Psychology faculty.

Topic: The seminar topic relates to the research area of the faculty member conducting it. It is based on a collection of articles on the topic.

Structure: This year-long seminar has two parts:

Part I (first semester): Eight mandatory tutorials on the seminar topic. Students first receive an overview of the field and then read the articles. Tutorials are devoted to a critical discussion of the articles, presentation of the articles by the students and to searching for and presenting up to date relevant articles in class (and on the course website). At the end of this part students are evaluated based on an exam and/or assignments.

Part II (second semester): A seminar paper workshop that includes about seven mandatory sessions. During the workshop, students write their seminar papers. The sessions are devoted to critical discussions about the research questions formulated by the students (with the help of the seminar coordinator), selecting methodologies, analyzing the data and formulating conclusions. At the end of this part, students submit an empirical seminar paper.

After submitting the seminar paper students receive a grade for the paper and for the course. The Honors Research Seminar is included in the list of courses completed by students as part of their program of study toward a degree.

1Students are required to write a seminar paper in this course.