10136 Introduction to Psychology

Credits: 6 introductory credits in Psychology

Prerequisites: none

Development team: Ruth Beyth-Marom (head of team), Ruth Pazy-Goldberg

The course is based on a translation (by Tammy Dumai) of Psychology and Life (18th ed.), by R. J. Gerrig & P. G. Zimbardo (Allyn & Bacon, 2008).

Aims: To introduce students to the contents and research methods of psychology; to familiarize them with various areas of practice and research in contemporary psychology and thus provide the basis for further studies.

Chapters: Psychology and life; Research methods in psychology; The biological and evolutionary bases of behavior; Sensation and perception; Learning and behavior analysis; Memory; Cognitive processes; Intelligence and intelligence assessment; Human development across the life span; Motivation; Emotion, stress, and health; Understanding human personality; Psychological disorders; Therapies for psychological disorders; Social cognition and relationships; Social processes, society and culture.