10737 Society, Politics and the Economy

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Sociology & Anthropology

Prerequisites: One of the following: Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to the Social Sciences, Introduction to Macroeconomics

Author: Zeev Rosenhek

The course presents diverse analytical perspectives through which sociology can contribute to understanding economic life. It explains and illustrates interactions between social, political and cultural factors and economic action and institutions. The course presents theoretical approaches and empirical research in three major fields pertaining to the relations between society, politics and economics: economic sociology, the sociology of inequality and stratification, and political economy.

Topics: The social and cultural foundations of markets, the roles of social networks in the economy, the social significance of money, the origins and social implications of inequality, inequality and ethnicity, inequality and gender, the state's involvement in the economy, the welfare state, the effects of globalization on the relations between society, politics and economy.