10715 Work Study: Methods Engineering, Work Measurement and Wage Incentives

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Industrial Engineering and Management

Prerequisites: Introduction to Industrial Engineering, Statistical Inference, and either Introduction to Statistics and Probability for Science Students or Introduction to Statistics for Students of Social Sciences I

Author: Yossi Hadad. The materials also include MOST Work Measurement Systems (3rd ed.), by K.B. Zandin (Marcel Dekker, 2003) and a guide to BasicMOST, by Diamanta Benson-Karhi (in Hebrew).

Objectives: To provide students with the ability to examine and measure the performance of workers with respect to various work processes in the organization (manufacturing organization/service provider), while assessing the required changes at the process, work station and means level. It presents different aspects involving workers, means, material and technology that affect efficient performance of organizational activity.

Topics: Introduction to work study; Methods study and method improvement; Time study; Time measurement; Work sampling; Man/Machine work study, Analytic and synthetic time study; Time standards by MOST; Applying BasicMOST; Wage incentives.

Attendance at all laboratory sessions and tutorials is mandatory.