10621 Workshop on TV Documentary Films: From Research to Script 1

Credits: 2 intermediate credits in Communication

Prerequisites: Introduction to Mass Media or Understanding Movies: Introduction to the Art of Cinema

The course is based on Making Documentary Films for Television: The Writer-Director in Action, by A. Rosenthal (in Hebrew).

The course is a workshop which acquaints the student with the documentary genre in television, demonstrates how to turn an initial idea into an organized proposal or script and the stages involved in producing documentaries. Students view and analyze documentaries in class, and practice writing screenplays for documentaries. Participation in tutorial sessions is mandatory.

Topics: Introduction to the documentary film; The history of documentary film-making; The form of the documentary; Choosing a theme; Conceptualization of the film; Concepts in filming and editing; Writing a draft of a screenplay; Special forms of nonfiction films.

1No more than 4 credits will be granted for workshops in Communication, unless otherwise specified in the study program.