10618 Workshop on Journalism: Reporting and Writing 1

Credits: 2 intermediate credits in Communication

Prerequisite: Introduction to Mass Media

The course is based on chapters 1-8 and 13 of Journalism: Gathering Information, Writing and Editing, by Y. Limor and R. Mann (in Hebrew).

The course is a workshop on the fundamentals of journalistic writing. Students practice patterns of journalistic writing, gather information and prepare news reports and articles at the workshop sessions as well as in homework assignments. The workshop does not aim to train journalists but does afford the opportunity to experience journalistic writing. Participation in tutorial sessions is mandatory.

Topics: Journalism in Israel and in the world – milestones; The newspaper – organizational aspects, content aspects; The journalist’s work – gathering information; Journalistic writing – fundamentals; Feature writing; News reports; Law and ethics.

1No more than 4 credits will be granted for workshops in Communication, unless otherwise specified in the study program.