10608 Workshop: Issues in Public Administration in Israel

Credits: 4 intermediate credits in Public Policy or in Political Science

Prerequisites: Government and Politics in Israel, and two of the following courses: Introduction to Local Government, Introduction to Public Administration, Public Policy

The workshop is based on a reader edited by Daniella Schoenker-Schreck.

Objective: To enable students to analyze current issues relating to the operation of public administration in Israel using theoretical and critical tools.

The workshop exposes students to key research issues in public administration in the 21st century. These include new public management in Israel, which influences and is influenced by the changes in the roles of the state, by the needs of the local market and by global trends; reforms in the public sector; ethical issues in public administration; audit and regulation; political involvement in the public sector, including the gender perspective and interaction with the public. The workshop introduces students to a set of constraints, restrictions and trends that characterize public management in Israel and influence its ability to perform effectively and efficiently.

Students are required to write a short policy paper (instead of a final exam).