10437 Introduction to Public Administration and Management

Credits: 6 intermediate credits in Political Science or in Public Policy

Prerequisites: none

Authors: Nissim Cohen and Shlomo Mizrahi

The course familiarizes students with the basic concepts of the theory of public administration and raises central questions about public administration as a vital component of government in a democratic state. The theory of public administration, which primarily developed in the 20th century, deals with an analysis of the nature, operating mode, and influence of the mechanism responsible for managing the affairs of the state in a democratic regime. The course combines a theoretical approach with an analysis of cases taken from Israeli society.

Topics: The Scope and Purpose of Public Administration; Politics and Administration; Bureaucracy; Public Management; Decision Making; Organizational Culture and Ethics; Planning and Budgeting; Monitoring, Auditing and Control in Public Administration; The New Public Management; Division of Labor and Public Administration Reforms; Public Administration in the Age of Globalization.