10571 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems 1

Credits: 4 advanced credits in Industrial Engineering and Management

Prerequisites: 36 credits, including: Introduction to Computer Science Using Java2 (or Fundamentals of Programming with Java), Mathematics for Students of Social Sciences.3 Students must also fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

Recommended: Operations Management II, Simulation for Industrial Engineers, Data Communication for Industrial Engineering and Management

Authors: Shraga Shoval, David Sinriech, Jacob Rubinovitz, Ran Etgar

The course provides an introduction to conventional and computer assisted manufacturing processes. It discusses technology, planning, implementation and control of computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems, computer aided design (CAD) and flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). The course acquaints students with the principles, structure and operation of CIM technologies and systems; their limitations, typical methodologies and model representations, and improving these systems for better efficiency and performance. Students acquire the ability to characterize the system requirements in terms of the specific equipment needed for the various manufacturing tasks. Attendance at all laboratory sessions and tutorials is mandatory.

Topics: Introduction to CIM and CAD; Computerized numeric control (CNC); Robotics; Automatic identification (Auto ID) and computerized vision; Automatic storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS); Programmable logic controllers (PLCs); Group technology (GT) and computer aided process planning (CAPP); Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS).

1Students may not write a seminar paper in the framework of this course.

2or both Introduction to Computer Science Using Java I (20453) and Introduction to Computer Science Using Java II (20454), or Introduction to Computer Science (20427), which is no longer offered.

3or both Discrete Mathematics (20283 or 20476) and Linear Algebra I (20109).