This course is no longer offered

10293 Psychology of Gender 1

Credits: 3 intermediate credits in Psychology

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Introduction to Psychology

Authors: Ayala Malach-Pines, Ruth Pazy-Goldberg

Objectives: To provide up-to-date knowledge on the psychology of gender; To present and critically examine studies conducted in the field; To compare cultural conventions regarding gender differences and scientific findings; To enhance the student’s understanding of the various sources of gender differences and present theories explaining the development of these differences and their impact on the individual, interpersonal relations and society at large; To present gender-stereotypes and their implications on the individual, on interpersonal relations and on the workplace.

Topics: Introduction – the field of psychology of gender; Physiological characteristics; Psychological characteristics; Verbal, non-verbal and gender behavior; Theories of the development of gender identity and gender roles; Gender stereotypes; The implications of gender stereotypes in the family and the workplace.

1This course will be taught for the last time in Spring 2012.