10164 Symphonic Experiences

Credits: 3 introductory credits in Music

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Music at First Sight, Music at First Sight II

Author: Ron Weidberg

The course focuses on the major form in western art music: the Symphony. Born in the mid-18th century, the symphony developed and expanded with the growth of the symphonic orchestra, became the most important musical form during the 19th century, and took on new forms and meanings in the 20th century.

The materials include recordings of the musical works discussed and of the musical examples that are part of the course. A supplementary booklet includes articles by Leonard Bernstein on two additional symphonies. Students who require a keyboard for home practice can be loaned one.

Topics: Acquaintance with several beautiful and important symphonic works composed in the 18th century (the classical style), the 19th century (romantic) and the 20th century; Acquaintance with the sonata form, one of the major forms of western music since the mid-18th century; Application of the theoretical and harmonic principles of western music in symphonic works.