10113 Introduction to Music

Credits: 6 introductory credits in Music

Prerequisites: none

Recommended: Music at First Sight, Music at First Sight II. This course is not recommended for students who do not have basic knowledge of musical notation and a basic command of the keyboard or other musical instrument.

Authors: Ido Abravaya, Ron Weidberg, Benjamin Perl

Objectives: To learn the basics of all aspects of musical theory through examples from a selection of works and major styles in the history of western music; to develop discrimination and awareness when listening to music.

The course is intended mainly for students with basic theoretical knowledge, however, it is also suitable for experienced musicians who wish to expand and develop their theoretical knowledge. It also serves as an introduction to other courses in music offered at the University.

The materials include CDs containing musical examples which are an integral part of the course. Certain parts of the course require a keyboard (piano or organ). Students may borrow a keyboard for home practice.

Topics: The sound system; Time and rhythm in music; Melody; Major, minor, modes; Scales; First steps in polyphony; Harmony; The harmonic phrase; Structure and musical phrases; Music and words historical aspects.