Discipline: Natural Sciences

Topic: Physics


Fundamentals of Physics I

Yoram Kirsh

An excellent textbook for science majors and pre-med students, this 3-volume series addresses fundamental concepts of physics.

Volume 1: Mathematical introduction, kinematics, vectors; Newtons laws, gravitation, statics (1999, 216 pp., cat. # 20113-1)

Volume 2: Work, mechanical energy and heat; Conservation of momentum, circular motion and harmonic motion (1999, 200 pp., cat. # 20113-2)

Volume 3: Electrostatics; Direct current; Supplement (1999, 232 pp., cat. # 20113-3)



Professor Yoram Kirsh, of the Department of Natural Sciences at the Open University of Israel, is co-author of The Particle Hunters (Cambridge Univ. Press, 1983), which explores in detail and in non-technical style the full history of particle physics.

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