Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Management


Global Competitive Strategy

Avi Fiegenbaum

This 3-volume series addresses strategic management in a global setting. It integrates the Strategic Reference Points (SRP) theory with conventional strategic perspectives and accentuates various methods of maximizing organizational performance. The significance of the SRP theory and its implementation in improving sustainability and competitiveness as well as strategic groups and their relation to the relative organizational positioning are discussed. The series characterizes the business environment, studies the board of directors and its pivotal role in directing the organization, and provides tools for improved competitive positioning in a hypercompetitive and turbulent task environment.. As such, the series stresses various facets involving the dynamic nature of competition and highlights theoretical and practical ways through which to advantageously implement the SRP perspective. Its uniqueness is reflected in the attempt to view strategy and its building blocks as referring to relative competitive positioning.

The series is so structured that each chapter builds on its predecessor with an emphasis on the relevance of SRP to the various strategic facets described in these chapters. The first volume deals with the essence of the global competitive view focusing on the generation of global core competencies and the maintenance of sustainable-competitive advantage. It then discusses industry analysis thru the identification of attractive positioning and the nature of the global competitive environment. The second volume addresses strategic expansion of business units thru entry to foreign countries. Next, strategic management of multinationals and multi business companies is described. The third volume focuses on dynamic strategic management expanding notably on the management of strategic changes.

Volume 1: The global competitive approach: The core of strategic reference points; Looking inwards: Generating global core competencies and sustainable competitive advantage (2003, 285 pp., cat. # 13015-1)

Volume 2: Industry analysis: Identifying attractive positioning and strategic industrial factors; Global competitive environment (2003, 249 pp., cat. # 13015-2)

Volume 3: Dynamic global strategic management; Strategy implementation: Developing and assimilating global strategy (2003, 230 pp., cat. # 13015-3)


Professor Avi Fiegenbaum is Associate Dean and Head of MBA Programs of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, the Technion. His major research interests include: global competitive strategy; multinational corporations, entry into foreign markets and strategic management. He is author or co-editor of three books and has published numerous scientific papers in leading strategy and management journals..

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