Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Sociology


The Ethnic Problem in Israeli Theatre

Dan Urian


The repertoire of Israeli theatre (including mainstream and fringe theatre, Hebrew and Arabic-speaking theatre, etc.) suggests processes of democratization that have taken place in Israeli culture since the Yishuv period and up to the 21st century. The repertoire reflects changes in the arts and the media as they represent the various groups that comprise Israeli society. This book deals with texts and parts of plays in which playwrights and their audiences deal with the other, especially with mizrachim (Jews of North African or Asian origin), with Israeli-Arabs, and with religious sectors.



Through plays it illustrates these three major rifts in Israeli society and the changes that have taken place in the relations between the groups in the last hundred years. Special emphasis is on changes which seem (at least on stage) to be processes of democratization, and which reflect changes in the position of these groups on the political and social scenes.

Forthcoming, cat. # 12027


Professor Dan Urian, of the Department of Theatre Arts at Tel-Aviv University, is author or co-author of seven books including Palestinians and Israelis in the Theatre (Routledge, 1996); The Arab in Israeli Drama and Theatre (Routledge Harwood Contemporary Theatre Studies, 1997) and In Search of Identity: Jewish Aspects in Israeli Culture (Frank Cass & Co, 1998).

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