Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Political Science


Strikes and Lockouts in a Democratic Perspective

Ruth Ben-Israel

This book deals with the essence of the right to strike or lockout and the importance of legal recognition of these institutions in maintaining a democratic society. It covers the prevalent approaches to limits to the right to strike in a democratic society and discusses the mutual relations between the recognition of the right to strike as a universal human right and as basic constitutional rights in a democratic society.


Chapters deal with the status of the strike and the lockout as basic constitutional rights; the strike: level of action, type of action, objectives of action, limitations and prohibitions; the lockout: status and definition.

2003, 240 pp., cat. # 12018


Professor Ruth Ben-Israel, Professor Emeritus at the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, was awarded the  Israel Prize in Law in 2001. Her extensive publications number seven books, two monographs in encyclopedias, and numerous articles.

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