Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Literature


Hebrew Poetry in Spain in the Middle Ages

Shulamit Elizur

This 3-volume series examines a comprehensive selection of secular Hebrew poetry in Spain, mainly from the 11th and 12th centuries. Through an in-depth analysis, it provides a basic understanding of the poetry, its genres and motifs.

Volume 1: Literary, historical and social background of Hebrew poetry in Spain; Methodological introduction (forthcoming, cat. # 10647-1)

Volume 2: Conventions in Hebrew poetry in Spain: Entertainment poems; philosophical and moral poems; praise and friendship poems; personal poems (forthcoming, cat. # 10647-2)

Volume 3: Prose elements; The rhetoric of poetry: tone, syntax and lexicon; Picturesque language; Biblical allusion and integration; Composition (forthcoming, cat. # 10647-3)


Professor Shulamit Elizur is Professor of Hebrew Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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