Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Language


Language, Culture, Society

Malka Muchnik

This 4-volume series describes and analyzes linguistic phenomena in social and cultural contexts; examines the mutual influences and inter-relationships among language, society and culture; presents theories and models for analyzing socio-linguistic processes, understanding Israeli Hebrew, and discusses socio-linguistic phenomena in the mass media and in interpersonal communication.


Volume 1: Language as a social activity; Linguistic diversity: Dialects and sociolects; The language in circumstantial context: Register (2002, 200 pp., cat. # 10641-1)

Volume 2: Language and gender; Language and ideology; Language and the media (2002, 240 pp., cat. # 10641-2)

Volume 3: Language norms and language planning; Language change and development (2003, 182 pp., cat. # 10641-3)

Volume 4: Ethnography: Culture and language; Cultural differences in oral communication (forthcoming, cat. # 10641-4)


Dr. Malka Muchnik, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Languages at Bar Ilan University, is the author of numerous papers in the areas of sociolinguistics, general linguistics, journalistic language, word-formation in modern Hebrew, and slang.

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