Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Communication


Growing-up with Television: The Little Screen in the Lives of Children and Youth

Dafna Lemish

Television is the most significant medium in the lives of children and adolescents today. How does it fit into our daily lives? How does it influence children’s behavior, world-view and values, and what impact does it have on learning? How do children perceive and process its contents? How does the educational system deal with this “alternative classroom” and what are the implications for broadcast policy?


This book deals with the role of television in the lives of children and adolescents through an inter-disciplinary examination of theories and studies from varied disciplines, mainly communication, psychology, sociology and education.

The six chapters deal with television in the family context; television and cognitive development; television and behavioral influences; television and the structuring of reality; television and learning; implications for broadcast policy and education.

2002, 504 pp., cat. # 10631


Professor Dafna Lemish is Chair of the Department of Communication at Tel-Aviv University. She has written a number of articles and chapters on children and media; and is co-editor of Media Education: Policies and Practices (Hampton Press, forthcoming).

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