Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Political Science


Israel: The First Decade


This 6-volume series analyzes the formative period of the State of Israel – the first decade of its existence – addressing this fascinating period from various social science perspectives and exploring central phenomena of Israeli society using historical, sociological, economic and political tools.


Volume 1 (2001, 132 pp., cat. # 10486-1)

Part 1: State-creation and nation-building (Alan Dowty)

Part 2: Immigration and the absorption of immigrants: A sociological study (Yael Enoch)

Volume 2 (2001, 144 pp., cat. # 10486-2)

Part 1: The agricultural settlements (Dan Giladi and Moshe Schwartz)

Part 2: Urban planning and development (Dan Giladi and Arnon Golan)

Volume 3 (2002, 136 pp., cat. # 10486-3)

Part 1: Economics in the first decade: From austerity to economic growth (Dan Giladi)

Part 2: The Labor Union (Histadrut) in the first decade (Yitzhak Greenberg)

Volume 4: Education in the first decade (Zvi Zameret, 2003, 120 pp., cat. # 10486-4)

Volume 5 (2001, 152 pp., cat. # 10486-5)

Part 1: General elections and government crises (Yehiam Weitz)

Part 2: Political and ideological conflicts: The Prague trials and the debate over the reparation agreement with Germany (Yehiam Weitz)

Volume 6 (forthcoming, cat. # 10486-6)

Part 1: Israel's security policy in the first decade (Zaki Shalom)

Part 2: The Arab minority and the military administration (Sara Osacky-Lazar)

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