Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Language


Studies in Hebrew Morphology

Ora R. Schwarzwald

The series presents the morphological structure of Hebrew based on general linguistic theories. Word formation processes are described as forming lexical items and as determined by syntactic processes.


Volume 1: Introduction: Theoretical background and principles; Basic concepts; Hebrew word structure (2002, 184 pp., cat. # 10483-1)

Volume 2: Creating the Hebrew word; Derivation and inflection (2002, 224 pp., cat. # 10483-2)

Volume 3: The Hebrew syllable and morpheme; Hebrew morphophonemic processes; Roots and patterns (2002, 352 pp., cat. # 10483-3)

Volume 4: Gender in Hebrew morphology; Number in Hebrew morphology (2002, 178 pp., cat. # 10483-4)


Professor Ora R. Schwarzwald, of the Department of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, Bar Ilan University, is an expert on modern Hebrew phonology and morphology and Judeo-Spanish and Ladino and has authored and edited numerous publications in these fields, including her contribution Ladino Studies to The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies (Ed. by Goodman, Cohen, and Sorkin, Oxford University Press, 2002) and Modern Hebrew (Lincom GmbH, 2001).

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