Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Literature


The Voice Saying I: Trends in Israeli Prose Fiction of the 1980s

Hanna Herzig

Many new writers and new developments typify Israeli prose fiction in the 1980s. This book deals mainly with established writers who made way for a younger, present-day generation, and presents a close examination of their works, which focus on the problematics of individual versus collective norms. An introduction presents the position of these writers between the generation of the sixties and the "new generation".


Writers and texts discussed are: Y. Shabtai, Past Continuous, Y. Kenaz, A Musical Moment and Heart Murmur; A.B. Yehoshua, Mr. Mani; D. Grossman, The Book of Intimate Grammar; Y. Hoffmann, The Book of Joseph and Bernhard.

1998, 408 pp., cat. # 10477


Dr. Hanna Herzig is a member of the Department of Literature, Language and the Arts at the Open University of Israel.

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