Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Management


Consumer Behavior

Aviva Geva

This 3-volume series describes basic theories that explain consumer behavior, with an emphasis on their implications for marketing management. A review of the various approaches reflects the inter-disciplinary nature of this new field which developed as a branch of marketing and draws on psychology, economics, sociology and anthropology. It deals with consumption decision-making processes and the impact of the environment on consumer behavior.


Volume 1: Introduction; recognition of a need; reasoned purchase: information search; attitude formation and alternative evaluation (1994, 322 pp., cat. # 10455-1)

Volume 2: Consumer persuasion; the purchase; post-purchase behavior; low involvement consumer behavior (1994, 336 pp., cat. # 10455-2)

Volume 3: Market segmentation; consumer culture; social influences; the marketing environment (forthcoming, cat. # 10455-3)


Dr. Aviva Geva is Chair of the Department of Management and Economics at the Open University of Israel.

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