Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Political Science


Government and Politics in Israel

Edited by Benyamin Neuberger

This 10-volume series deals with key issues in Israels political system and analyzes these issues in light of various political science theories. It examines the institutional-structural facets of the political system in Israel (government), as well as its behavioral-dynamic aspects (politics) in the first fifty years of statehood (1948-1998).


The series does not aim to provide a detailed historical-chronological description of the political events and developments which transpired during these years, but rather to highlight general trends. It provides an excellent review of Israel's political system, its foci of activity and points of contention.

Volume 1: The origins of the Israeli polity (Benyamin Neuberger, 1997, 85 pp., cat. # 10406-1)

Volume 2: Democracy in Israel: Origins and development (Benyamin Neuberger, 1998, 173 pp., cat. # 10406-2)

Volume 3: The constitution debate in Israel (Benyamin Neuberger, 1997, 168 pp., cat. # 10406-3)

Volume 4: Knesset supremacy or government rule? (Benyamin Neuberger, 1998, 224 pp., cat. # 10406-4)

Volume 5: State and religion in Israel (Benyamin Neuberger, 1994, 144 pp., cat. # 10406-5)

Volume 6: Political parties in Israel (Benyamin Neuberger, 1997, 280 pp., cat. # 10406-6)

Volume 7: The electoral system and voting behavior in Israel (Tamar Hermann, 1998, 184 pp., cat. # 10406-7)

Volume 8: Mass media and politics (Dan Caspi, 1997, 184 pp., cat. # 10406-8)

Volume 9: The Arab minority in Israeli politics: National alienation and political integration (Benyamin Neuberger; 1998, 168 pp., cat. # 10406-9)

Volume 10: Economics and politics (Dan Giladi, 1998, 163 pp., cat. # 10406-10)



Professor Benyamin Neuberger, of the Political Science Department at the Open University of Israel, is author of numerous publications including National Self-Determination in Postcolonial Africa (Lynne Rienner, 1986) and Religion and Democracy in Israel (The Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies, 1997).

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