Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Literature


Just Childhood: Introduction to Poetics of Children's Literature

Zohar Shavit

This book examines various aspects of poetics of children's literature. It discusses the development of the socio-cultural notions of childhood and their connection to the emergence of texts for children and the nature of their development.


Topics include the development of the concepts of “child” and “children” in Western culture; “Little Red Riding Hood” – a case study of the concept of “child”; the self-image of authors of children’s literature and the systemic constraints involved in writing for children; Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl; ambivalent texts; The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland and its adaptations for small children; children and adults in children’s literature; representation of the world of the child in texts; the “Hasamba” series by Yigal Mosinson; the status of children’s literature and the character of translated texts; texts translated from system to system; Gulliver’s Travels.

1996, 465 pp., cat. # 10292


Professor Zohar Shavit, of the Unit for Culture Research, Tel Aviv University, is a world authority in the fields of the child's culture, the history of Israeli culture and the history of Hebrew and Jewish cultures. She has written and edited more than ten books in Hebrew, English and German, including a standard work on children's literature, Poetics of Children's Literature (The University of Georgia Press, 1986).

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