Discipline: Humanities

Topic: Language


Hebrew Semantics

Raphael Nir

This 3-volume series deals with synchronic and diachronic approaches to the semantics of modern Hebrew. Emphasis is on socio-linguistic and pragmatic aspects of communication.


Volume 1: Communication and meaning; Meaning within the linguistic and social context; Semantic aspects of word formation (1989, 122 pp., cat. # 10250-1)

Volume 2: Structural semantics - fields and components; Shifts in the meaning of words; Homonymy, polysemy and meaning relations (1989, 136 pp., cat. # 10250-2)

Volume 3: The effect of foreign languages on the semantic and lexical system of contemporary Hebrew; Meaning in circumstantial contexts, semantics of the sentence; Macro-semantics: meaning and text (1989, 176 pp., cat. # 10250-3)


Professor Raphael Nir is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Communication and Journalism, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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