Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Economics


Financial Theory: Financial Management of Business Firms

Edited by Arie Nachmias

This 6-volume series covers a wide range of topics related to financial theory, among them financial statement analysis, managing the firms working capital, capital budgeting under conditions of certainty and uncertainty, recruiting internal and external financial sources, capital structure and cost of capital. Special emphasis is on applying financial theory to the Israeli context. The series provides an introduction to the field of finance and to the major tools of analysis for financial decision making.


Volume 1: The finance function (Arie Nachmias, 2003, 90 pp., cat. # 10230-1)

Volume 2: Financial analysis, planning and control (Arie Nachmias, Zvi Lerman, 2003, 242 pp., cat. # 10230-2)

Volume 3: The management of working capital (Arie Nachmias, Zvi Lerman, 2003, 112 pp., cat. # 10230-3)

Volume 4: The management of fixed assets (Arie Nachmias, 2002, 616 pp., cat. # 10230-4)

Volume 5: Long-term financing (Arie Nachmias, 2003, 168 pp., cat. # 10230-5)

Volume 6: Valuation, capital structure and the cost of capital (Arie Nachmias, 2003, 264 pp., cat. # 10230-6)


Dr. Arie Nachmias is a member of the Department of Management and Economics at the Open University of Israel and director of its MBA program.

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