Discipline: Social Sciences

Topic: Political Science


The Emergence of New States in Africa



The liberation of Asian and African countries from European colonial rule following World War II changed the geo-political map of the world. Today it is no longer enough to be familiar with the history, society and policy of Europe and America if one wants to understand the political, economic, social and normative facets of the contemporary international system.


Written by leading scholars, this series provides basic information on Africa, including various patterns of colonial rule; economic and social modernization processes during the colonial period; the emergence of national anti-colonial movements in Africa; the struggle against European culture and the crystallization of regime patterns in Africa.

Volume 1: Introduction to the history of Africa (Nehemia Levtzion, Yekutiel Gershoni, 2003, 148 pp., cat. # 10206-1)

Volume 2: Colonialism and de-colonization in Africa (Naomi Chazan, Nurit Hashimshoni-Yaffe, Ella Keren, 2002, 344 pp., cat. # 10206-2)

Volume 3: Anti-colonial nationalism: The ideological dimension (Benyamin Neuberger, Ella Keren, 1997, 184 pp., cat. # 10206-3)

Volume 4: Kenya: From a colony to an independent state (Galia Sabar, Mordecai Tamarkin, 1997, 232 pp., cat. # 10206-4)

Volume 5: French colonialism, traditional government and new nationalism in Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria (Daniel Zisenwine, forthcoming, cat. # 10206-5)

Volume 6: Ethiopia: Empire and revolution in the Horn of Africa (Haggai Erlich, 1997, 216 pp., cat. # 10206-6)

Volume 7: The ethnic problem in Africa and the Biafra and Katanga wars (Benyamin Neuberger, Irit Back,  forthcoming, cat. # 10206-7)

Volume 8: The military in African politics (Benyamin Neuberger, 2003, 80 pp., cat. # 10206-8)

Volume 9: Democracy, democratization and de-democratization in Africa (Benyamin Neuberger, 2003, 116 pp., cat. # 10206-9)

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