Teaching Certificate in Psychology

The program grants a certificate for teaching psychology in high schools to individuals with a bachelor's degree in psychology (single or dual disciplinary degree).1 The study program includes courses in education, psychology, methodology, and practical training.

Requirements for a teaching certificate in psychology2

Courses in education – 24 credits



Philosophy of Education (10765)3



Curriculum Planning, Teaching and Evaluation (10106)



Fundamental Issues in Special Education (10139)



Learning Disabilities (10527)



Courses in methodology

Teaching Psychology: Methodology (55157 ) 4, 5



Research Literacy in Education (55476)


Practical training

Practicum in Teaching Psychology (55158)5, 9


Didactic Seminar in Psychology (55469)5, 9


Applicants to the program must submit a request to the Study Program Approval Committee, attaching bachelor's degree documentation and an original grade transcript, no later than the date of completion of the first course in the teaching certificate program (see section B above) and prior to registration for the course Teaching Psychology: Methodology (55157).10

Acceptance to the program is contingent upon completion of a bachelor's degree, or, for students in the final year of degree studies, an average GPA of at least 75, plus fulfillment of the English requirements.

Students studying towards a bachelor's degree from the Open University must meet the following criteria in order to be accepted to the program: at least 72 undergraduate credits; GPA of at least 75, including required courses; at least one advanced course and one seminar paper (as per program requirements); fulfillment of English requirements; and approval of both the degree and teaching certificate study programs by the Study Program Approval Committee.11

Students will be notified regarding acceptance and/or supplementary course requirements (where applicable) by the Study Program Approval Committee.

Students will be granted a teaching certificate in psychology once they have completed all undergraduate degree requirements, supplementary courses (if required) and the study program for the teaching certificate, as approved by the committee.

Students may be exempted from a maximum of two education courses (not more than 12 credits). This exemption is granted only for prior study of courses with similar content matter and scope to those in the program. In all cases, an advanced course will be required in the framework of the teaching certificate.

For additional information/clarification, please contact danafr@openu.ac.il.

1 Graduates of the OUI who hold a bachelor's degree in the social sciences focusing on psychology will be considered psychology graduates for all matters and purposes related to the teaching certificate in psychology. Individuals with a bachelor's degree from the OUI in social sciences with an emphasis on education: learning disabilities will be accepted to the Teaching Certificate in Psychology program if they meet the requirements specified in the Academic Bulletin and on the Open University of Israel website.

2 From the second semester of 2012 onwards the course Computer Applications for the Social Sciences (10159) is no longer required, and is no longer offered.

4 3 Or the course Educational Theory (55004) which is no longer offered.

5There are several prerequisites for Teaching Psychology: Methodology (55157), and it is a prerequisite for practical training courses. Therefore, the courses must be taken in the appropriate order.

6 Attendance is required at meetings for this course.

7 Credit is not granted for this course, but it is equal to 6 semester hours.

8 Credit is not granted for this course, but it is equal to 4 semester hours.

9 Credit is not granted for this course, but it is equal to 10 semester hours.

10 Only students who have successfully completed the course Didactic Seminar in Psychology (55157) will be a1ccepted to the Practicum and the Didactic Seminar.

11 The application should be sent to the Secretariat of the Teaching Certificate Programs at the Open University of Israel.

12The curriculum for the undergraduate degree must be approved first, and thereafter, the study program for the teaching certificate.