Publications The Open University of Israel

University and Publisher

The Open University of Israel is the largest academic publisher in Israel, with an output of 1,000,000 Hebrew-language volumes annually. Our books are used not only by our own students, but are required or recommended reading for students in all other universities in Israel.

As the primary and, in many fields, the only source of academic materials in Hebrew, the Open University represents the major transmitter of academic research worldwide to the highly regarded Israeli academic community. As such, the Open University of Israel enjoys the cooperation of academic authors and publishers who, through the outlet of Open University publications, find their way into Israeli academic textbooks.

Most Open University publications are produced by leading scholars in Israel or abroad in cooperation with a course team and advisers who are also experts in their fields. Some of these texts are subsequently published abroad. The University also publishes translations and adaptations of publications from all over the world.

The Open University welcomes cooperation and believes in pooling efforts to make knowledge, culture and information available worldwide - through high quality, up-to-date and aesthetic publications.

Publishing in Other Languages

Open University textbooks are written in Hebrew, with a limited number of texts in Russian and Arabic for its non-Hebrew-speaking students. In addition, the Open University publishes books in cooperation with other publishing houses. Archaeology of the Land of Israel was published in an English version by Yale University Press, and Selected Topics in Jewish Law was published by Boston University, both in cooperation with the Open University.