General Information The Open University of Israel

Organizational Structure and Officeholders

The Council

The Council of the Open University of Israel is the supreme authority of the University and is vested with all the powers thereof, unless otherwise determined by the Statutes or the General Regulations. The Council is headed by the Chancellor. The President of the University and the Vice President for Academic Affairs are members of the Council by virtue of their positions.


The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is appointed by the Council from among its members and is responsible for planning, implementation, direction, and supervision. The Executive Committee is responsible to the Council. The Chairman of the Executive Committee reports to the Council on the Committee's activities.


The Senate

The Senate is the supreme academic body of the University and is responsible for the determination of academic standards. It strives to maintain the University's academic standards, especially that of the academic faculty and the academic study programs. It outlines the plans for academic development. The Senate is headed by the President of the University.

Academic Subcommittees

Senate Subcommittees

Disciplinary Committee and Court of Appeals

The Disciplinary Committee is composed of three members: the member of the academic faculty appointed to oversee disciplinary matters, together with his two deputy supervisors - a member of the University faculty and an OUI student.  The Committee deliberates regarding disciplinary violation complaints lodged against students.


The Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is composed of all senior faculty members, the President of the Unversity, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The Faculty Council examines and discusses academic issues and affairs of the University. Its recommendations and suggestions are submitted by the President to the relevant University bodies.