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Sheilta - Interactive services to students

Sheilta is a computerized system developed by the Open University to offer students on-line administrative services via the Internet. Sheilta enables students to receive services and up-to-date information on three levels: general information, information on courses in which they are enrolled and personal information. The scope of services and information offered by the system is constantly expanding.

The link to the Sheilta system is located here. On the Sheilta home page, click on the link to "New User" and follow the instructions.

The Open University will enable students to use the system only after they have signed a statement mailed to the student in which they declare that they will use the system properly in accordance with the access specifications. If the student has not yet signed the statement, a screen will appear after entering the system which enables the student to agree to the statement (by pressing the agree button) or to reject the statement (by pressing the disagree button). Students may contact the Information Center at or by phone to 972-9-7782222 for details and inquiries.