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Questions Regarding Registration

Students may contact the Open University registration centers directly by fax, telephone, by e-mail or in person in all matters pertaining to registration and tuition (including registration changes). The addresses, telephone and fax numbers and office hours of the registration centers located throughout the country can be found by clicking on the different areas of the map here. Exceptions to regular office hours for the current academic year can be found here.

Please note:
The registration center makes every effort to efficiently handle all requests received by telephone, fax and e-mail. Nonetheless, due to the large number of inquiries, particularly during peak periods near the beginning of a semester, not all inquiries can be handled immediately. To facilitate the process, please make every effort to submit your inquiry as early as possible. We ask for your patience while awaiting a reply.

Due the large number of inquiries that reach us by fax, the registration center cannot respond to all students who want to know whether their fax has arrived. Students are asked to retain a copy of every letter mailed or faxed to the registration center or to an institution or college in which registration takes place. A confirmation receipt (of registered mail or of a fax) should also be retained. The Open University will not relate to a claim that a letter sent to the University was not received unless accompanied by evidence that the letter was indeed sent. In the absence of such evidence, the inquiry will be handled in accordance with the date on which the claim was made.

For registration purposes, the date of the inquiry is the date on which the inquiry was received by the registration center or by the institution or college handling the registration.

See registration guidelines (in Hebrew) here.