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Interactive Voice Response

The Open University provides an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to serve its students. The system is bidirectional: students can get information, request that documents be mailed to their home address and submit information directly to the Open University computer. In addition, students can perform various actions, such as register for courses or pay tuition.

Requests or actions that require payment can be completed only if paid via credit card.

To ensure privacy and confidentiality of information, to enter the system you need a combination of your ID number plus a password (a four-digit number assigned to you when you register, and mailed to you together with the documents confirming your registration).

The IVR phone number is 972-9-7781111, and it functions 24 hours a day. For the menu of the computerized system, click here.

It's a good idea to call in the evening or at night when the lines are less busy, to avoid waiting.

For telephone numbers of the academic departments, click here.

Useful suggestions


Dial 972-9-7781111, and hit the number 8.
Key in your student ID (9 digits)
Key in your password (4 digits)
Choose the topic you are calling about:

Main Menu Secondary Menu Hit
(in order)
Registration and changes in registration 1
  Update credit card info 1
  Register 2
  Confirm registration 3
  Determine study track and update data on computer 4
  Provide details of bank account to receive a refund 5
  Update your telephone number 6
Delivery of study materials 2
Tutorials, Ofek sessions, telephone tutoring hours 3
  Tutorial timetable for your study group 1
  Tutorial timetable for another group in your study center 2
  Details on the tutor and telephone tutorial hours 3
  Telephone tutorial hours of other tutors in the course 4
  Registration for Ofek review sessions 5
Examination dates 4
  Examination date for courses you are taking 1
  Request to take an examination 2
  Check on examination date you selected 3
Grades   5
  Grades on assignments 1
  Grades on final exams 2
  Grades on seminar papers 3
  Final weighted grade in course 4
Requests for services 6
  Transcripts and confirmation of studies 1
  Standard transcript 1
  Transcript including grade point average 2
  Confirmation of studies for funds and compensation (gmul) 3
  Confirmation of studies without grades 4
  Confirmation of studies in academic track 5
  Confirmation of studies in academic track
including GPA
  Confirmation of studies in academic track
without grades
  Photocopy of examination booklet 2
  Confirmation of payment of tuition 3
  Confirmation of payment of tuition for all
  Confirmation of payment of tuition for a
specific year
  Confirmation of payment of tuition for a
specific semester
  Confirmation of payment of tuition for a
specific course
  Confirmation of participation in an exam 4
  Password for computer-mediated study 5
  Loan of learning aids for course 6
Amiram tests and English proficiency level 7
  Amir or Amiram test dates 1
  Validity of Amiram test grade 1
  Your Amiram test date 2
  Amir test dates 3
  Amiram test grades and English level 2
  Amiram test grade 1
  Level of English proficiency 2
  Purchase an Amir self-test kit 3
Confirmation of participation at graduation ceremony 8