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Continuing Studies includes Ascolot, Hasifa, the National Center for Certificate Studies (which encompasses Tafnit, DiAlog, Meirav and Diploma).

An academic Steering Committee functions within Continuing Studies and reviews the programs of study offered by the schools, approves their catalogs, relates to the quality of teaching, etc.

Ascolot - School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Ascolot offers courses and professional workshops in a wide range of fields for lovers of culture and the arts. The courses are given by the best lecturers in Israeli universities, experts in their fields, and by artists in all areas of the arts. Ascolot invests great efforts in selecting fascinating topics, creating a wide and varied repertoire for the benefit of the general public. Each year, more than 12,000 students participate in more than 200 courses and workshops throughout the country in a framework without examinations or assignments. Ascolot offers courses in various topics to suit the needs of different audiences:

Courses are available in the morning and the evening, lectures as well as workshops. Courses may be semester- or year-long, depending on the topic, and are offered throughout the year, including in the summer. Ascolot functions throughout the country and offers a special program for senior citizens.

Hasifa - School of Communications, Television and Multimedia

Hasifa offers one- and two-year programs for training professionals in the fields of digital media (visual communication, animation and graphic design) and communication, advertising and television (film editing, video filming and digital editing, directing and production, screenplay writing, investigative journalism, journalism and copywriting). Most of the programs enable students to accumulate academic credits that can count toward a degree at the Open University.

In addition, short courses and workshops are offered to the general public: still photography, home video, editing, etc. Hasifa offers courses that deal with topics that are varied, up-to-date and of current interest, and enable students to develop creative thinking skills together with in-depth technological studies and practical hands-on experience in advanced media labs and modern editing rooms.

National Center for Certificate Studies

The National Center for Certificate Studies unifies the activities of Tafnit, DiAlog, Meirav and Diploma under one roof.

Tafnit - Continuing Education for Managers

Tafnit is well known as a leading school for managers, which aims to provide managers with up-to-date tools for successfully dealing with the challenges of the Israeli and the global market, and providing the skills and knowledge they need.

Tafnit is geared both to individuals and to organizations. Courses for individuals are based on the demands of the business environment and enable learners to advance in their jobs while acquiring practical training and professional knowledge. Programs for organizations are tailored to the needs, characteristics, and resources of each organization. Each course has an academic advisor who develops the training program, and lecturers who are leading professionals in their fields, and combine academic knowledge with practical experience.

DiAlog - School of Languages

DiAlog has 25 years of experience in language teaching. It developed a unique method for language learning with an emphasis on speaking skills in a supportive atmosphere. DiAlog offers courses in 15 languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English (including Business English), French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Yiddish.

Meirav - School for training complementary medicine professionals in collaboration with "Maccabi Natural"

Meirav provides ways of thinking and tools that enable its graduates to enter the fields of alternative and combined medicine. Courses are offered in Chinese medicine, naturopathy, Shiatsu, Tuina, reflexology, and medical massage. In addition, enrichment courses are available for the general public and for professionals.

Diploma - Certificate Studies

Diploma is the Open University's leading school for certificate and licensing studies. The wide range of programs enables people from all walks of life to acquire high-quality professional training. Courses in Diploma emphasize the practical aspects of learning, and are developed by leading professionals who examine their practical applications in the labor market.