91415 Mathematics for MBA Students

Course enrollment is conditional on the approval of the program admissions committee.

Authors: Zippy Berger, Frida Chinkes-Verbin, Uzi Segal, Yehezkel Noiman

This is one of the supplementary courses for MBA students which aims to provide the students with the mathematical background necessary for the MBA. The course is required for students who have not taken a parallel course (in content and scope) as part of their previous studies.

The course combines topics from two courses Mathematics for Students of Social Sciences: Set Theory, Logic and Linear Algebra (10444) and Calculus for Students of Economics and Management (10142) according to the following division:1

Topics 10444: Foundations of linear algebra systems of linear equations, Rn, linear spaces, linear transformations, matrices and determinants.

Topics 10142: Functions definition, graphs, linear and quadratic functions, exponents and logarithms, the number e, compositions, inverse functions; Derivatives the concept, derivatives of complex functions, monotone functions, concave and converse functions, extrema, inflexion points, elasticity; Two-variable functions two-variable functions, constant value curves, partial derivatives, implicit function theorem, extrema of two-variable functions, Lagrange multipliers, homogeneous functions; Integration the indefinite integral, integration methods, the definite integral and its uses (calculating area), first order differential equations.

1Students with appropriate background in differential and integral calculus should take Mathematics for MBA Students (Linear Algebra) 91416, which covers only some of the topics listed above.