91412 Participation in Psychological and Educational Research

No credits

Prerequisites: none

Objectives: Much of the research in psychology and education is planned and conducted by a researcher with the participation of participants who fill in questionnaires, solve problems or participate in an experiment in a research laboratory. As part of the methodology courses, psychology and education students learn what is required of a researcher in this discipline: principles of planning a study, collecting and processing data and drawing conclusions. The course enables psychology students to experience research as participants in studies.

To pass the course, students are required to actively participate in a research study for three hours. This course is a prerequisite for Personality: Theory and Research (10269) and Cognitive Psychology (10264) and for advanced courses in psychology and education.

Description of research: For the most part, students participate in two types of studies: laboratory studies conducted mainly in the psychology laboratory located on the Open University campus (in most experiments students perform written or computer tasks) or studies based on questionnaires and/or interviews. The studies are conducted as part of the research/scientific work of faculty members in the Department of Education and Psychology or as part of the empirical studies conducted by psychology students as the basis for seminar papers.

All research involving human participants is approved by the Ethics Committee to ensure that it complies with the ethical principles of research in psychology.