22999 Final Project in Computer Science

No credits

In the last stage of their studies towards a master’s degree in computer science in the non-thesis track, students finalize the topic of their final project and select an advisor (based on the topic). Students then prepare a proposal to be approved by the advisor and submitted to the departmental Master’s degree committee for approval. Within two months of the committee’s approval, and no more than six months after completing all degree courses, the student must register for the final project.

The scope of the final project is equivalent to two seminar papers. The project may be theoretical or applied and can be prepared over a period of one or two semesters.

The website (in Hebrew) of the M.Sc. in Computer Science includes a list of potential advisors and their fields of expertise,1 details on registration for the project, a sample proposal and a sample final project.

1Students should consult the departmental advisor on theses and final projects for help in locating an advisor.