22998 Thesis in Computer Science

No credits

Students who fulfill the criteria for the thesis track may prepare a thesis proposal under the guidance of a supervisor who is willing to serve as such. After the proposal is approved by the supervisor, it is submitted, together with the student’s program of study, to the departmental Master's degree committee. The committee will examine the proposal and decide whether to approve it. Within two months of the committee’s approval, and no more than six months after completing all degree courses, the student must register for the thesis.

The thesis should have an innovative research focus and apply knowledge that the student has acquired throughout his/her studies. It must reflect the student’s research abilities, mastery of scientific instruments used in the field, independent and original thinking, and ability to synthesize scientific material. The thesis must include a critical review of the literature in the field. The thesis may be prepared over up to two years, and upon its completion, the student will present the findings to an audience.

The website (in Hebrew) of the M.Sc. in Computer Science includes a list of potential supervisors and their fields of expertise,1 details on registration and work on the thesis, as well as a sample thesis proposal.

1Students should consult the departmental advisor on theses and final projects for help in locating a supervisor.