22956 Research Topics in Communication: Connectivity and Network Coding

Credits: 4 graduate credits in Computer Science

Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate program in Computer Science and permission of the faculty member responsible.

Recommended: Combinatorial Optimization, Randomized Algorithms, Approximation Algorithms

Authors: Michael Langberg and. Zeev Nutov

The course deals with advanced theoretical topics in the field of communication networks and addresses two major topics. “Combinatorial aspects of communication networks” focuses on the combinatorial structures needed to allow various types of communication and on the algorithmic techniques that allow to find such structures. “Network coding” is an exciting paradigm in communication networks which assumes that internal nodes of the network can “mix” (i.e., encode) information.

The course addresses the combinatorial and algorithmic aspects of communicating using network coding. It is intended for graduate students interested in performing research towards an M.Sc. thesis in these fields of study.