22953 Research Seminar: Database and Data Mining

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Computer Science

Prerequisites: At least 18 credits in graduate courses in Computer Science. Enrollment is subject to the written approval of the faculty member responsible for seminars.

Required: One of the following: Database Systems Implementation or Advanced Topics in Database Systems

The aim of the seminar is to create a research forum for students interested in algorithmic topics for database systems and data mining. The seminar is opened every two years and is six months long.

The seminar focuses on topics at the cutting edge of database research, such as de-centralized databases; XML; data mining association rules; Web data warehouses and databases. Topics change from time to time in keeping with the interests of the group and the seminar advisor.

Requirements include attendance at twice-monthly sessions, choosing a number of articles on which to focus, presenting them to the group for discussion, and writing a report on the topic discussed.