22952 Research Seminar: Algorithms and Theory 1

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Computer Science

Prerequisites: At least 12 credits in graduate courses in Computer Science with an average of at least 85. Enrollment is subject to the written approval of the faculty member responsible for seminars.

Required: Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and specifically Data Structures, Algorithms, and a course in computability and complexity

This seminar aims to create a research forum on algorithms and theory in Computer Science and to train students to understand scientific papers, to extract topics and research questions from what they read, to ask the right questions, and to transmit topics to a group in a way that enables discussion.

The seminar focuses on algorithms and theory (for example, approximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, metric space, cryptography). Articles and topics will be detailed on the seminar website. Students may focus on topics they propose, if approved by the tutors.

Requirements include attendance at twice-monthly sessions, presenting the topic to the group for discussion, and writing a short report on the topic discussed.

1This seminar fulfills the degree requirement for a seminar or workshop.