22945 Seminar: Computer Graphics

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Computer Science

Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate program in Computer Science. At least one graduate course in Computer Science. Additional prerequisites may be required, depending on the topic of the seminar. Enrollment is subject to the written approval of the faculty member responsible for seminars.

To fulfill the requirements of the graduate program, students must take at least one seminar or workshop. The aim of the seminar or workshop is in-depth study of an advanced theoretical or practical topic in computer science. The seminar or workshop can serve as the basis for a final project. Students should consult the seminar supervisor prior to registration regarding the existence of additional requirements for the various seminars.

Students are required to specialize in a specific topic, studied through books or articles determined by the seminar supervisor. In most cases, students have to search for additional material in university libraries or electronic databases. Students are required to submit a written paper and lecture on their topic to a group of students and faculty members. The seminar grade is determined by the supervisor based on the lecture, the written paper and additional assignments (if required).