22941 Seminar: Theoretical Topics in Computer Science

Credits: 3 graduate credits in Computer Science

Prerequisites: Admission to the graduate program in Computer Science. At least one graduate course in Computer Science. Enrollment is subject to the written approval of the faculty member responsible for seminars.

The aim of the seminar is to train students to deal with advanced theoretical topics in Computer Science. The seminar may deal with one of the following areas: algorithms (random, proximity parallel, distributed, direct), data structures; computability and complexity.

Students may suggest a topic or select one from among the following (in both cases, the topic must be approved by the seminar supervisor): Graph connectivity and network flows; Graph coloring problems; Scheduling; Linear and convex optimization; Advanced data structures; The PCP theorem and its applications; Hardness of problems. Students are required to lecture on the topic chosen to students and faculty members, and to submit a paper.