22923 Security in Software Systems

Credits: 4 graduate credits in Computer Science

Prerequisite: Admission to the graduate program in Computer Science 1

Required: Database Systems, Principles of Operating Systems

The course is based on Computer Security Principles and Practice, by W. Stallings and L. Brown (Prentice Hall, 2008); and on a reader edited by Ehud Gudes.

Data security and integrity are among the most important fields in computer systems and the Internet world. The area includes protection of data from illegal access and protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information and preserving the integrity of data and systems. The course focuses on security, emphasizing software systems in which data security is vital. In other words, how data security is integrated into software systems such as operating systems, database systems, programming languages and communication networks.

Topics: Threats in computer intrusion; Data security problems; Privacy; Security policies; Encryption algorithms and protocols; Security of hardware and operating systems; Database security; Programs and programming language security; Communication network and Internet security.

1Students who have not fulfilled this requirement may, under certain circumstances, enroll in this course.