20563 Workshop: Database Systems

Credits: 3 advanced seminar credits in Computer Science

Prerequisites: At least 36 credits in Computer Science. Students must also fulfill all English requirements, take bibliographic instruction in the Library, and have a suitable final grade in Database Systems. Only students who have successfully completed, or are about to complete, at least one advanced course in Computer Science may enroll in a workshop. Workshop enrollment is subject to the written approval of the faculty member responsible for seminars.

The workshop is based on Fundamentals of Database Systems (6th ed.), by R. Elmasri and S. Navathe (Addison Wesley, 2010).

The aim of the workshop is to introduce students to selected issues in database systems and to gain experience in using advanced software in managing database systems. In the framework of the workshop, students build a wide-scale database application, lecture to the students in the workshop and submit a project on an advanced topic. For practice, students use Oracle software installed on their home computers.

Topics: Design and analysis of systems, defining schema, defining and imposing integrity constraints, triggers and active databases, embedded SQL, dynamic SQL, ODBC, JDBC, logical and physical database design and tuning, working with complex objects, XML and web data, data warehousing and data mining.