20531 Symbiosis (Field Trip) 1

Credits: 1 intermediate credit in Life Sciences

Prerequisite: Symbiosis, which may be taken concurrently with this course

The course includes a 2-day field trip to the coral reefs in Eilat,2 which represent an example of an ecosystem entirely based on a wide range of symbiotic relations.

1This course is only offered in certain semesters (depending on the number of participants). Students are advised to check with the department office to find out if and when it is offered. Students who took the parallel course (20530) without the field trip, and wish to earn an extra credit (without paying tuition), may register for this course and take part in the field trip only. After fulfilling the requirements of the field trip, the student will be granted one extra credit.

2Students are expected to cover the cost of accommodations during the field trip.