20521 General Topology 1

Credits: 6 advanced credits in Mathematics

Prerequisites: Students must fulfill all English requirements and take bibliographic instruction in the Library.

Required: Infinitesimal Calculus I and Infinitesimal Calculus II, as well as having accumulated at least 36 credits in Mathematics. In addition, acquaintance with basic set theory is required. This can be acquired from the preparatory chapters that accompany Mathematical Logic and Measure Theory, or from one of the following: Discrete Mathematics: Set Theory, Combinatorics and Graph Theory2 or Set Theory.

Recommended: Linear Algebra I

Author: Daniela Leibowitz

Due to its level of sophistication, the course is recommended primarily to veteran Mathematics students.

Topics: Metric spaces; Topological spaces; New spaces from old; Connectedness; Separation; Convergence and countability; Compactness.

This is a year-long course, however, capable students may increase the pace and complete the course work at the end of the fall semester or begin later, at any time prior to the beginning of the spring semester.

1A short non-credit seminar may be added to this course. See note under Mathematics seminars.

2or Discrete Mathematics: Set Theory, Combinatorics and Logic (20283), which is no longer taught.